Sunset time is magical time and is one of the earliest fixed frame videos we filmed.

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  • Lake Champlain Sunset

    Shot from Burlington, VT at the West view, the stunning Lake Champlain Sunset offers a blaze of color and great vibe during the set, this was shot in the Autumn of 2020. © 2022 DENIS P OBRIEN

  • Bahamas After-Glow

    Shot on Canon 5D at 29.97 with a ZEISS 20MM Lens in the Bahamas near Freeport.

  • Vermont Sunset August '22

    Fabulous sunset in Vermont looking at the Adirondacks. Shot on the Panasonic GH5, Panasonic Zoom Lens.

  • Sunset August16, 2022

    Looking out at Lake Champlain and seeing the Adirondack Mountains is stunning and Lake delivers some of the best Sunsets in the world!

  • Starr Farm Bay at Dusk

    An afterglow in meteorology are several atmospheric optical phenomena, with a general definition as a broad arch of whitish or pinkish sunlight in the twilight sky, consisting of the bright segment and the purple light.[1][2] Purple light mainly occurs when the Sun is 2-6° below the horizon, from...

  • 2019 Sunset from October