Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

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Papua New Guinea
  • Papau Dancers

    3 Women became amused at our media collection. Shot on a canon 7D with a Zeiss 20MM. Papua New Guinea is an emerging nation and the country needs to sell lumber in order to create and develop their society. Unfortunately, some folks think cutting trees is bad. Nothing can be farther from the trut...

  • Kimbe SideRoad 2.2366

    Papua New Guinea in the Town of Kimbe, New Britain Island. That is a hospital or medical clinic in the town .

  • Rabaul Mountain

    Rabaul (/rɑːˈbaʊl/) is a township in the East New Britain province of Papua New Guinea, on the island of New Britain. It lies about 600 kilometres to the east of the island of New Guinea. Rabaul was the provincial capital and most important settlement in the province until it was destroyed in 199...

  • Moresby Wide Ghetto

    The port city of Port Moresby is located in the eastern part of New Guinea. It is the capital of the state and at the same time one of the most dangerous cities in the world. If you look at the city from a bird's-eye view, it won’t seem scary and dangerous. There are extensive beaches and large s...

  • Rabaul Harbor View

    Coordinates: 4°12′S 152°11′ECoordinates: 4°12′S 152°11′E
    Country Papua New Guinea
    Province East New Britain
    LLG Rabaul Urban LLG
    Established 1878[1]
    • Total 3,885 (17,044 (1990))
    • Main languages Tok Pisin, Kuanua, English
    • Traditional language Kuanua
    Time zone UTC...

  • 2 Houses in Papua New Guinea

    Out in Kimbe on New Britain Island in Papua New Guinea. Kimbe is the capital of the province of West New Britain in Papua New Guinea, and the largest settlement on the island. The bustling town of Kimbe is the third largest port in Papua New Guinea and is the fastest growing city in the South Pac...

  • Catholic Church , Rabaul,PNG

    In 1844, it was established as Apostolic Vicariate of Melanesia (a pre-diocesan jurisdiction, entitled to a titular bishop and exempt, i.e. directly subject to the Holy See) on territory split off from the Apostolic Vicariate of Western Oceania.

    On 8 December 1890, it was renamed as Apostolic Vi...

  • “PROMISE” 承诺

    The promise of a future is tied to the production and sale of Wood. The forests are a hugh asset fro PNG and we look into the careful work Rimbunan Hijau is doing to gain lumber and keep the environment pristine.